Best Walking Shoes For Men And Women

You may be toiling much but if you are doing so without the proper tools then you can never reap the maximum harvest from your efforts. Walking miles on end without the proper walking shoes is very much like working endlessly without the proper tools. Best Walking shoes for men are an absolute necessity for walking and workouts for men. Similarly for women.

These shoes are crafted specifically to suit walkers. They are well padded, breathable and are extremely light weight. They are built to allow the walkers to walk at an up -tempo pace. They often come endowed with stability technology and motion control to steady the walker’s feet and cut down all possibilities of mishaps.

Picking up the best walking shoes for men and women is very important. Best walking shoes must cater to a few needs and tick a few check boxes before it can make its place among the best walking shoes.

  •    The walking shoe must be flexible enough to allow free movement of the foot. The sole must not be too rigid but must offer medium resistance.
  •    The support provided by the shoe is of utmost importance. The walking shoe must absorb shock and provide all round support to the feet. Better the shock absorption lesser are the chances of hurts or injuries.
  •    Cushioning is also a very important matter. Walking is less forceful than running. It does not cause as much impact as running. Therefore, a good walking shoe must come with medium padding.
  •    In buying a walking shoe the weight has to be kept in mind. A light walking shoe is any day preferred and it greatly facilitates movement.
  •    Shoe fit has to be impeccable if the walking shoe has to be used to its utmost. Before purchasing a walking shoe be sure to wear it and pace down an incline, and walk up a slope to check its fit
  •    Waterproofing is also desirable in a good walking shoe if it has to be used in all seasons.

The best walking shoes combine all these features and their use adds greatly to the well being of its user. A good walking shoe can effectively heal the body of its aches and pains. It also releases pressure and stress and rejuvenates the whole system.

Some of the best bets in the area of walking shoes for women are

  •    New Balance 1065- these shoes are not only cute to look at but also extremely practical. they provide extreme cushioning, with light weight and extra support.
  •    Nike Downshifter 6- this shoe has a breathable lining for temperature regulations and provide extreme underfoot comfort.
  •    Sketchers On The Go- this is a perfect blend of comfort and style. It is light weight and has high-end Yoga mats.

The best ones for the menfolk are:

  •    Sketchers Performance Men- with its excellent support and shock-absorbent flexible sole
  •    New Balance Men’s MW759 Country Walking Shoe- which has unique mid sole support and C-cap grip and lace-up design
  •    Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4- this walking shoe has unequaled shock absorption due to its gel cushioning.

Therefore, dot forgets to take along your ultimate buddy when on the move, your walking shoes.